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 It took me a few years to find a mandolin. I went around to all the stores and played a bunch. I even bought a sweatshop special at one point to hold me over, only to be very disappointed in the quality of it the even though it looked pretty slick from a distance. In the end, I found what I was looking for right under my nose at Turkey Creek mandolins: A very high quality custom mandolin using local woods. Here I was supporting a local luthier who clearly loves what he does, and does incredibly well. I feel really good about that and the cost was really comparable to what I would have paid for a high end factory mandolin only what I got is way more special in my opinion than what you might expect from any one of the top mando companies. Not only is it totally unique in the first place because it’s hand carved, one at a time and not from a factory, but it’s also just exhibits the highest level of craftsmanship without trying to be like anybody else. My mandolin is totally unique. I was (also) really impressed with Brad’s commitment to the acoustic properties of a well made instrument. When I asked him to put a pickup in it he really resisted because he was so proud of the way it sounded without it. “You won’t need a pickup” he said , and he was right! After some arm twisting he did reluctantly put a pickup in thething and it sounds incredible either way.

Thanks Brad!


Adam Taubman #36


 I’ve owned my No. 38 for almost 2 years now, and the more I play it, the more I enjoy it–both to hold it in my hands and to hear the wonderful tone that it has. I actually had the opportunity to do some limited studio recordings with it, and it sounds even better when listening from a recording perspective. I had admired it in the display case at the White Crow Conservatory for quite a while before actually picking it up, but when I took it home for a few days trial, I knew I wouldn’t be returningit to the store.

Thanks, Brad


Fred Eurich #38

 I had the opportunity to play several very nice mandolins over the past couple of months and I am proud to say that I wouldn’t trade my Turkey Creek #57 for any of them! The rich, full tone that came out of mine right after it was finished sounded far better than ones that had been around for years. It’s apleasure to play such a fine instrument.


Joshua Boyle #57



 I love my Turkey Creek Mandolin like a brother. The tone is superb, it has excellent sustain, it’s beautifully to look at and most importantly, it’s a real joy to play. I’m proud to own and play such a fine handmade instrument. The care and dedication put into the building of thismandolin is apparent in every detail.

D. Crandall #10

Austin, TX

 In fact, I just spent a day last month playing every mandolin at First Quality Instruments in Louisville, and I don’t think I would trade this for any in the store. They had Gibson, Weber, Collings, everything, and none really blew me away like this one.It has quite a voice for a new mandolin.

D. Murphy #5 & #12

Frankfort, KY

 Have had my Turkey Creek for a little over 3 weeks. Brad Van Loenen really did an outstanding job. He walked me through the many choices I had on top woods and a one piece back, flower pot inlay, three piece bindings and the exact color sunbrust I wanted. It is really amazing to be able to have someone who knows what they’re doing build you a totally custom mandolin and have it come out better than you could have expected. Anyone looking for a great mandolin and a no hassle build process might want togive Brad a call. Thanks Brad

Peter LaMorte #64

  •  I LOVE my Turkey Creek Mando!! I have three words… TONE, TONE, TONE!!! When I was shopping for a new instrument I played a lot of mandolins, it was the look of the Turkey Creek #40 that caught my eye but it was the tone that sealed the deal! I have not put it down since it left the shop!


-Mike Huberman #40




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